7 geeky artists you should be following on Instagram

Is there anything better than fan art? You find a thing that you love and consume it and then you find talented people who can draw and bring the characters in your head to life. With TV and movies it’s a bit different because you know what a character looks like but then there are re-imaginings which are just wonderful. Instagram so great for following amazing artists and here are seven of my favourites

Brian Kesinger

Brian Kesinger does this really wonderful thing where he reimagines characters in a Calvin and Hobbes style. Brian is a  story artist at Walt Disney animation studios and artist for Marvel Comics so his account is filled with all my favourite characters. His cartoons are often cute, poignant and sometimes a little sad. It gets you right in the feels. Lil Kylo is one of my faves.

Fan art Brian Kesinger Solo family
Instagram: Brian Kesinger


fan art Brian Kesinger R2D2
Instagram: Brian Kesinger

Follow him on Instagram and you can find his Etsy store here.

Naomi Lord

Naomi is hands down one of my favourites on Instagram. She’s my go-to for all things Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. She’s currently doing a really cute series on the different potions.


 photo Naomi Lord potions_zpshofmydhw.jpg
Instagram: Naomi Lord

And I absolutely LOVE this Hijabi Hufflepuff! #RepresentationMatters


 photo Naomi Lord Hijabi Hufflepuff_zpsowgsfxln.jpg
Instagram: Naomi Lord

I actually can’t choose just two of my favourite pictures of hers so here are a few. photo Naomi Lord Nope_zpsl8xkcezf.jpg

Instagram: Naomi Lord

 photo Naomi Lord 1_zpsfdxu28vp.jpg
Instagram: Naomi Lord


 photo Naomi Hufflepuffs_zpsglffjxrv.jpg
Instagram: Naomi Lord

Go check out her Instagram and then head over to her Etsy store to buy prints, stickers or custom portraits.

Charlie Bowater

Charlie Bowater started off just doing fan art of Sarah J Maas’s Throne of Glass (TOG) and A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) book series but now she seems to be the official artist for her having done both the colouring book as well as the cover for the latest novel, A Court of Frost and Starlight.


 photo Charlie Bowater Night Court 2_zps5cvvn2oa.jpg
Instagram: Charlie Bowater

This one is actually my phone’s lock screen:


 photo Charlie Bowater Night Court 1_zpsfp0hcfmo.jpg
Instagram: Charlie Bowater

I love that Charlie’s interpretations of these characters are so spot on and they look exactly as I had imagined them. I especially love her Manon who is possibly my favourite character across the books.

 photo Charlie Bowater Manon_zps6ehyxuhi.jpg
Instagram: Charlie Bowater

She is a fantastically talented artist and one of my Instagram faves.

Follow her on Instagram here or support her Patreon here.

Merwild and Co

Coco is a recent find of mine and she’s an artist from France. She posts so many great anime drawings on her Merwild and Co Instagram account and got me to follow because just look how gorgeous these drawings of Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke are.


 photo Merwild Kakashi_zpsyw0fdxdj.jpg
Instagram: Merwild & Co


 photo Merwild Naruto and Sasuke_zpsd1s6zur5.jpg
Instagram: Merwild & Co

Follow her on Instagram here.

Emily’s Cartoons

Emily does cartoon strips rather than just art but she’s so hilarious that I had to include her. She does a series called My Life as A Background Slytherin. She will occasionally do ones from the other three Hogwarts houses as well but this one as a Gryffindor still has me laughing 3 months later. “Cuz you just witnessed a murda”


 photo Emily cartoons gyffindor_zpsq54yl7f0.jpg
Instagram: Emily’s Cartoons


 photo Emily cartoons ravenclaw_zpsf79hvep5.jpg
Instagram: Emily’s Cartoons

Follow her on Instagram here and shop her Etsy here

Kerby Rosanes

Kerby is a Phillipino illustrator who is not necessarily a geeky artists but he does a few of them. I came across him in 2014 with his intricately drawn illustrations. I mean, how amazing is this Pokemon collage?


 photo pokemon kerby rosanes_zpsklkspysh.jpg
Instagram: Kerby Rosanes


 photo Kerby Rosanes Spirited Away_zpswunlsbj1.jpg
Instagram: Kerby Rosanes

Follow him on Instagram here.

Silke Tara

Silke Tara does the cutest chibi drawing of some of my favourite fandoms but especially Harry Potter, TOG and ACOTAR. Much cute, so amaze.

 photo silke tara HP_zpsahniqp4m.jpg
Instagram: Silke Tara


 photo silke tara SJM_zpsxe06029b.jpg
Instagram: Silke Tara

Follow her on Instagram here.

Honestly, I am jealous that there are such talented humans in this world. I often wish I was one of them but I’m so happy to live in a world with not only an appreciation for art but where people can express their love for their favourite things and bring a community closer to each other.

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