The 2018 Wrap Up

2018 is coming to an end in just a few days so I thought it would be fun to do a wrap of the best entertainment from the year that was. There are a lot of things I didn’t get to read or watch though and I’m sure if I had this list would look a little different.

I re-read a lot of books this year for instance and next year I am resolving to read more books that I haven’t read yet. This list will also have a couple of things that were released in 2017 but I only got around to this year.

In terms of TV there is just a plethora of series to watch so there are categories for both best series and best new series. It was really hard even just narrowing it down to the top 3.

As for movies, I didn’t get to watch as many as I would’ve liked and I’m sure if I had seen Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse it would be on this list just going by the fantastic reviews it’s getting.

But that’s enough chit-chat. Let’s get into this.

Best Book of 2018

Kingdom of Ash

kingdom of ash_2018 wrap up

The final instalment of Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series was everything and more. It was such a rollercoaster of emotions and I often found myself putting it down because my anxiety just couldn’t deal with what was happening. I laughed, I celebrated their victories and I cried ugly tears for all the injustices and deaths. It was a fantastic end to the series.

Runner up: Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman

norse mythology_2018 wrap up
Look how beautiful these covers are!

My other favourite read this year, even though it was published in 2017, was Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. I love mythology but I’m most versed in the Greek kind. So it was nice to get into the Norse stuff in an easy and funny read.

Honourable Mention: Children of Blood and Bone

children of blood and bone_2018 wrap up

Children of Blood and Bone took me a while to get into and there was some problems plot wise and with some character development but overall it was an enjoyable book and I am curious to see what happens in the second instalment. I’ll do a full review in the new year.

Best Movie of 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War_2018 wrap up

I found it hard to pick my favourite movie of the year, so I thought about the movie I re-watched the most and it was Infinity War. It’s always a treat to see the Avengers interacting with each other and this one was the crossover that had been building up for a decade and it paid off.

Runner up: Mary Poppins Returns

mary poppins returns_2018 wrap up

I know this was just released on Friday but I wish I could convey the amount of happiness that I felt when I watched this movie. It was such a joy to watch and Emily Blunt is fantastic in this role.

Honourable Mention: Black Panther

black panther_2018 wrap up

Black Panther was another movie that brought me incredible joy this year. It was a phenomenon and made me so proud to be African. To see my continent represented in such an amazing way brought tears of joy to my eyes several times. Not only was it funny and action packed but Andy Serkis did the best South African accent I’ve heard from a foreigner in a while (I’m looking at your Dr. Bekker at Chicago Med!)

Best TV Series of 2018

Kim’s Convenience

Kim's Convenience_2018 wrap up

If there was one show I could not shut up about this year, it was Kim’s Convenience. Whenever anyone asked for a recommendation this was the first thing I shouted at them. Actually even when they didn’t ask I still yelled at everyone who would listen about this heartwarming and hilarious show about an Korean-Canadian family and the life of an immigrant. Appa is the best and I can’t wait for season 3!


Runner up: This is Us Season 2

This is Us_2018 wrap up

AKA The one where Jack dies. I don’t think I cried uglier than for anything else this year than when they finally showed Jack’s death and it’s aftermath. Why is this a good thing you ask? Because how good must a show be for you to care about these characters so much that it makes you cry like your own father or husband died? Too good. TOO GOOD!!!!

Honourable Mentions: Marvel’s Luke Cage and Patriot Act

Luke Cage_2018 wrap up

Guys, I was really upset when I woke up on a Saturday morning to the news of Luke Cage being cancelled. I mean, who wants to have their weekend spoiled with news that a perfectly good and enjoyable show was cancelled? Not me, I can tell you that. Despite Iron Fist having a better second season than it’s first, I wasn’t surprised that it got the cut.

But Luke Cage’s second season was really good. I enjoyed Bushmaster as a character and Mariah really lost the damn plot. Shades character development was great to watch and that ending just really deserved a third season because WTF Luke?! Anyway, I’m still salty about that cancellation.

Patriot Act_2018 wrap up
Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj/Netflix

This is a non-geeky one but Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act on Netflix is really fantastic. The man is delivering important information on topics like Saudi, Amazon’s monopoly on just about everything, content moderation and Affirmative Action in a language that young people of today will pay attention to. He is hilarious and relatable.


Best New TV Series of 2018

A Million Little Things

A Million Little Things_2018 wrap up

This is definitely my best new show of 2018. There’s a mystery, there’s the bonds of friendship and family and the show brings mental health to light and talks about it in a refreshing way especially depression and anxiety that I think a lot of people can relate to. It also normalises men dealing with their emotions in a healthy way and actually talking about stuff instead of ignoring them.

The show centres around a group of friends whose lives are thrown into turmoil when one of the group members commits suicide and none of them can figure out why because John was the best of them. The glue so to speak, so with his death things start to unravel and well, it’s a drama. There’s lots of tears and feel good moments. I’d compare it to This is Us, it’s that kinda vibe.

Runner up: A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches_2018 wrap up

Oh gosh, I devoured this series. Sometimes you just need some romance in your life and this one was sexy in it’s intrigue. Matthew Goode plays a vampire and well that’s all they needed to hook me right in. But the romance is there to drive the bigger plot of the volatile politics and precarious alliance that the three main Creatures have built between themselves. This is an easily binge-watchable series and has been ordered for a second and third season already.

Honourable Mentions: Titans and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Titans_2018 wrap up

Titans is a rather dark and gritty take on a team of superheroes that my go-to reference for is Teen Titans Go! Hahahaha, this is NOT Teen Titans Go!


This show is the very opposite of these hyperactive dorks above. It’s dark in both nature and cinematography and it’s one of the most adult superhero TV shows I’ve come across. I’m so used to superheroes not swearing that I sat right up when Dick Gryson let that F-bomb fly freely.

This show is a fresh take on the superhero team up and the mystery behind Raven’s origins and the need to protect her brings this band together. I’ll keep watching.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina_2018 wrap up
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/Netflix

Speaking of fresh takes, this is not Sabrina the Teenage Witch starring the twinkly nosed Melissa Joan Hart. Wow, this show made me feel a few things. I was intrigued by it all but somewhat uncomfortable by the casual Satanism. At times it scared me out of my goddamn wits and I had to watch it on broad daylight because I am a wimp like that.

Sabrina is the MOST annoying character on this show. Wow. I am on Harvey’s side, this girl just oversteps the lines all over the place and just stomps around all over the place demanding things of people. I suppose she’s meant to be sassy and strong female lead but she just comes across shouty and hella privileged.

Just to be clear this is a list of MY favourite books, movies and TV series this year and I’d love to hear what yours were. So let me know in the comments below.

Have a fantastic New Year! Live long and prosper.

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