Was this year’s Arrowverse ‘Elseworlds’ Crossover the best one yet? Yes it was!

This year’s Arrowverse crossover is one of the most highly anticipated of all the crossovers because there are more big players on the bill than previous years. Elseworlds sees the Arrowverse as we know it turned on it’s head with Barry and Oliver switching not only identities but also powers. The crossover event took place over 3 nights and man it was fantastic!

Part 1 – The Flash

Part one of the Elseworlds crossover starts on The Flash and man it’s a fun one. Seeing Oliver thrust into Barry’s emotional world was hilarious. Barry was having as much fun with this body swap as I was. Team Flash does some tests and whatnot but the brainiacs don’t believe them and can’t find anything amiss. And for some strange reason the team decides to lock the guys up but without meta-dampening cuffs for The Flash for some reason?

Anyway, Barry and Oliver hatch an idea to go to Earth-38 and see if these shenanigans are affecting the rest of the Multiverse or just Earth-1 and to see if Kara would be able to help them out.

My absolute favourite part (and I have no shame in admitting that I teared for this) was when “Somebody saaaaaaaaaave me” started playing as we opened on the Kent Farm from Smallville. Are you mad to do that to my emotions?! 

I was very excited to see Superman, The Green Arrow and The Flash on screen together. I mean guys, we’re one Batman short of a Justice League here! 

Favourite exchange when they meet Clarke Kent:
Barry to Oliver: Are you puffing out your chest?
Oliver: Yes.

After Oliver as The Flash accidentally awakens the Amazo Android and it’s causing havoc in Earth-1’s Central City, Cisco tracks the multiverse hopping superheros down and as he says, he “brought in the big guns”. It was such a treat to see this team up. I was giddy with joy and squealed a few times. 

Part one was quite fun and silly for the most part and I loved it. Unlike last year’s Crisis on Earth X where there was an overall story told over 3 nights and 3 TV shows, this year they seem to have gone back to the format that each episode has it’s subplot villain that ties in to the Big Overarching Baddie – in this case The Monitor.

Tomorrow night we get a little more serious (which is typical for Arrow and I think this is why I struggle with it the most) as we head to Gotham and we get to meet Batwoman. Why not Batman? Could it be something to do with The Monitor’s change to reality and Bruce Wayne never became Batman? I’m sure we’ll find out.

Part 2 – Arrow

So the boys and Kara make a Star City pit stop before heading to Gotham and for some reason the only person they leave out of the loop is Felicity for reasons and drama. Honestly, one of the reasons I find Arrow so hard to watch is because of the constant Felicity/Oliver drama. Just let them be happy or let them go their separate ways but enough of this rollercoaster.

Anyway, I digress. This second episode had a lot of heavy lifting to do after the fun time shenanigans on The Flash, but that streak of humour is still very much present. Having Grant Gustin do the Arrow’s intro sequence was a treat to watch. Oliver straight up refuses to believe that Batman even exists while Barry is just starstruck about his existence.

So it turns out that the Caped Crusader has been MIA from Gotham for several years and Gotham has gone rotten. What’s new though? If Star City is dark and gloomy, Gotham has always been a veritable black hole.

Part 2 also serves as a backdoor pilot for CW’s Batwoman series and it did a wonderful job of introducing Kate Kane. The trio end up going to find Dr. John Deegan (the person responsible for this reality bending) who now works at Arkham Asylum. Their mission is to get a “The Book” that Earth-90’s Flash tells them is the key to sorting out this mess. It’s always fun to see John Wesley Shipp don the 90’s Flash suit and this time around he is actually Barry Allen once again.   

But despite getting the book, their success is short lived. The Monitor just snaps his fingers and regains the book from them and tells them that something much bigger is coming. He alludes to some sort of Crisis and applauds them for getting their hands on the Book of Destiny. We still don’t know what the frack is going on at this point but the Supergirl episode is shaping up to be a good one.

Because The Monitor then returns the book to Deegan who once again, changes reality. Only this time Barry and Oliver are wanted men with no powers, Merlin, Diaz and Thawne are police office and Superman has gone dark.

This episode is also packed full of Batman Easter Eggs and I definitely have to go back and watch it again to fully appreciate them.

Part 3 – Supergirl

Okay so, wow. Deegan didn’t just make Superman evil, he transformed himself into Superman. And Dark Clark’s done a whole bunch of other altering to reality including taking over Star Labs and making Cisco an evil crime lord. Tyler Hoechlin is amazing in this role (as both Dark Clark and our Man of Steel) and maybe I just really miss Derek Hale, but I really wish CW was adding a Superman show to it’s roster rather than Batwoman. Bitsie Tulloch was wonderful as Lois Lane.

Anyway, powerless Oliver and Barry search for Cisco who is now a crime lord and it’s clear that Carlos Valdes is having such fun with this role. The guys convince him to open a portal to Earth-38 straight into the Fortress of Solitude no less and when Superman finds out that Kara is missing they go straight back to Earth-1 and rescue her from Dark Clark’s clutches. 

In the meantime, Kara has convinced Earth-1’s Alex (who is a soldier for Dark Clark) to help her escape and just as Dark Clark is about to obliterate them, Superman, Lois, Barry and Oliver show up to save their bums. Cisco is out of there in a heartbeat.

After a long fight, Superman finally gets his hands on the Book of Destiny and sets everything rights. Barry is back to being the fastest man alive and Oliver is back to being our moody Arrow. But Deegan gets the book back and starts to put reality back and in order to slow him down The Flash and Supergirl have a plan to slow the whole planet and in doing so time down because why the hell not.

Superman is very much against this plan because when he was holding the Book of Destiny he saw that if they do this they destroy themselves. But we all know how self-sacrificing Barry is so they do it anyway.

Oliver however gets shouty with The Monitor as only Ollie can and makes a deal so save them in exchange for we don’t know what yet but I’m pretty sure it’s inevitably going to bite him in the bum somewhere down the line.

So at the end of the day our intrepid heroes save the day and defeat John Deegan who is carted away to Arkham Asylum. Clark and Lois are going back to Argos to have a baby and get married. And they officially announced next year’s crossover: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Now, this is the earliest that they’ve veer announced the next crossover but this one has basically laid the groundwork for it.

Where were the Legends?

The Legends sat this crossover out and to be honest I was very glad about it because that whole show is just a wonderful mess, catching on it’s own shenanigans and is easily my favourite of the Arrowverse shows because of just how much they don’t take themselves seriously.

Anyway, the Legends were dealing with a bit of time and reality changes of their own with Constantine messing up the timeline so they were not in the most receptive of moods when they received messages from Oliver, Barry and Kara.

And well, that was that.

But it was a good thing that they opted out of this one. There was already SO much happening in the crossover and so many new players that it would just have been overwhelming and the plot would have suffered to accommodate them all.

Final Thoughts

The crossover events are always such a highlight every year but this year’s one was hands down my favourite so far. Getting to see their relationships grow and just seeing Superman playing a part in it all was so fun. This year’s crossover aside from being just a bloody fun time was also one that has long term consequences for everyone involved even though they might not be aware of it quite yet. 

I absolutely loved the Smallville theme song playing as we get our first glimpse of the Kent Farm and I love how much Barry, Oliver and Kara are bonding with each other.

The stakes were higher in this event than in previous years but so were the laughs and the Easter Eggs. And despite wanting a standalone Superman show, I am quite excited to see what Batwoman has in store for us.

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2 thoughts on “Was this year’s Arrowverse ‘Elseworlds’ Crossover the best one yet? Yes it was!

  1. Simone Cameron

    I am skipping the 3rd part of your blog as I haven’t watched Supergirl yet, but I agree with everything you’ve said so far! BUT I HATE Oliver as the Flash!! LOl. He does not look good in red….ha ha. I loved the comedy in The Flash…and oh my word….Somebody save me….I got so excited, but really had memory loss for a second and hoped to see Tom Welling 🙁

    Barry doing The Arrow’s intro was awesome!

    Didn’t know about this blog…..so I’m so excited to find this space to chat about these things!! YAY!


    1. Zayaan

      Hahaha, yes Oliver looked ridiculous in the Flash suit. It was too tight on him. Grant Gustin is slimmer than him so it works better.

      Thanks for reading! ❤️


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