Here’s why ebooks are better than physical books


One of the things that make me happiest are books. In school the library was my sanctuary. Book stores were my Happy Place™. I have Collections of books and they’re of my most prized possessions. After my kids and the family folder full of all the important documents, my books are the first thing I’m grabbing.

But I seem to be reaching for my books less and opening the Play Books app on my phone more often. Because a life with kids is just not conducive to having physical books.

Ironically, my kids have a ever-growing library. That is kept out of their reach because children are savages. The fate of a few of their books have been heartbreaking and I want none of that for my precious babies. Even if we had the space for a book case, I just don’t trust my kids not to destroy them all right now.

But I still need to read and I love ebooks for still allowing me to read because I would be a sad panda without my books.

Another reason I love books is because I get them instantly, it takes less than a minute to download. If I preorder or even order a book it takes a couple of days to get to me at the most or I have to drag my ass to a bookshop to buy it. And going into a book shop with two kids in tow is NOT my idea of fun.

Google Play Books is your friend

Even more controversial, I prefer reading on my phone than an e-reader. My word, what blasphemy! But I promise, it’s for a very practical reason. Reading on my phone means that I can read while I’m laying there in the dark putting my kids to sleep. My Kindle isn’t the fancy one with a back light so I’d have to lie there in the dark when I could be putting that time to good reading use.

Play Books is my favourite place to get eBooks for a few reasons:

  1. I can read them on my phone i.e anywhere
  2. They are far cheaper than Amazon or any other ebook stores.

I mean I got a brand new Sarah J Maas book for R60. SIXTY RAND for a new book guys!! I can feed by reading addiction so easily. It’s actually a problem.

I do wish for a day when I will be able to curl up with a physical book again without being disturbed five million times and having my bookmarks stolen.

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