Why we’re loving Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

One of the very first anime’s I ever got into all the way back in 2005 was Naruto. And ever since that mischievous Jinchuruki bounded his way into my heart and I’ve been in ever since. And now 18 years later, he’s fnally realised his dream of becoming the Hokage, has a family of his own and his son, Boruto is now the center of a whole new generation of shinobi.

But how does Boruto measure up to his father? Well this is very on the nose, knowing that the audience would be doing this anyway, it’s addressed quite bluntly by everyone in the village and even by Boruto himself. 

He is sick and tired of being not only compared to his dad but also having everyone think that he gets away with crap because he’s the Hokage’s son. Which to be honest, he does. I mean, anyone else would not have got away scot free for crashing a train into the Stone Faces of the Hokage or constantly spray painting on the 7th’s Stone Face.

But this child is so damn lovable! All the kids are, and they seem to be almost mirror images of their parents when they were kids. So it’s very much a throwback to the original Naruto series set in a somewhat more modernised Konoha. With new characters thrown into the mix as well.

Sarada is the perfect combination of her parents and seeing Sasuke as a father is actually just the cutest thing. And while both Naruto and Sasuke are both absent father, my heart broke a bit for Sarada for not knowing anything about Sasuke.

Shikadai is Shikamaru – and where Shikamaru is Naruto’s right hand man, Shikadai makes sure that Boruto doesn’t catch on too much nonsense. 

Naruto is still Naruto. Despite him being the Hokage, he is still just a big kid. There are new baddies and because the kids are still young and yet to develop their powers and skills fully, it’s still up to Naruto and the adults to save the day when the real powerful people come around. But the kids get up to shenanigans galore and get themselves out of their scrapes.

The big difference between Boruto and his father is that he has no desire to be Hokage whereas Sarada does. One of my favourite scenes is when Boruto says to her, that he will protect her when she becomes Hokage. My whole heart!

I love seeing all the characters grown up and I especially love Konohamaru’s big brother relationship with Boruto. Like Naruto before this, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is emotional and I love it! The tears!

My boyfriend Kakashi is also still around and doesn’t seem to have aged a day even though everyone else clearly has. My dude is still cool as a cucumber.

In his quest to be the best Hokage he can be, Naruto is not the best father and his relationship with Boruto is strained through much of the beginning of the show. 

I mean, I could talk about this show for days so I’m going to end off here but I would be remiss to leave out my low-key fave, Himawari. The episode titled, “A Day in the Life of The Uzumaki Family” when she unlocks her Byakugan is one of my favourites. I laughed till I cried.

All in all this show is a favourite and it’s pretty much following on Naruto’s story but through the lens of his son. The original characters are all still around but the focus is on this new generation of shinobi.

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